Schacher AG

Schacher AG

Additional Info

  • Address:
     N.Schacher AG
     Bernstrasse 27
    1580 Avenches
  • Phone: 026 675 35 34
  • Fax: 026 675 30 30
  • E-mail:


  • Sales of new boats: Yes
  • Sales of used boats: Yes
  • Working on: Powerboats, Sailing boats, Rowing boats, Inflatables
  • Motor services: Inboard, Outboard, Sterndrive, Shafts, Saildrive, Gearbox, IPS-drives, engine electronics
  • Electrical installations: Lighting, Generators, Batteries, Solar, Inverters, Instruments, Chargers
  • Electronics: Radio, Radar, Navigation electronik, Multimedia
  • Hull works: Wood, Fiberglass, Metal, Others
  • Painting: On wood, On fiberglass, On metal
  • Rigging: Rig inspections, Rigging work, Replacing the standing rigging, Replacing the running rigging, wire and wire works, Rigging and spilces, Masts, booms and spinnaker poles
  • Boat transports: bis 5t

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